Barboursville Tae Kwon Do Center

LarryThe Barboursville Tae Kwon Do Center opened in January 1997 under the direction of Master Instructor Larry D'Alessio. The school's goal is to provide martial art instruction in Tae Kwon Do, which includes self defense, preset forms, sparring and flexibility training. Beginners of all ages are taught in a friendly, non-stressful atmosphere so they can adjust to the school's unique training method while improving at their own rate. Master D'Alessio believes that Tae Kwon Do is a way of life which enables people to realize their full physical and mental potential. If the mental aspect of Tae Kwon Do is ignored, its physical aspect is meaningless. The Barboursville Tae Kwon Do Center tries to maintain this attitude, and our instructors sincerely care about students' progress both in and out of the school. We believe this is why our school is successful. We are located beside the Barboursville Public Library at 718 Main Street in downtown Barboursville.

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